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How Does CBD Cream Really Work? 


CBD cream works like any other topical product. When applied topically, it is absorbed by the skin. Since topical CBD has the lowest bioavailability rate (5%), it may take roughly 15 minutes to 1 hour to work.   
When cannabidiol (CBD) is fully absorbed, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. CBD can bind cannabinoid receptors in the skin and help to regulate pain, inflammation, and other physiological processes. 
In addition, CBD may interact with other receptors and neurotransmitters to provide relief from various symptoms, such as pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. 

Can CBD Cream Show in A Drug Test?


The straightforward answer is no. CBD cream doesn’t show up in a drug test. Why is that? 
Topical CBD cream cannot penetrate the skin too deep. It only works in the dermis layer of the skin and doesn’t enter into the bloodstream. 
Let’s see some reasons why CBD cream won’t show up in a drug test: 


  • The presence of CBD in your system doesn’t mean anything! It won’t make you fail a drug test. Because CBD drug tests look for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), not cannabidiol. Besides, another safe aspect of rubbing CBD cream into the skin is that it doesn’t enter the bloodstream. So, even if the cream contains a trace amount of THC (Up to 0.3%), it won’t be an issue. Whether it’s a blood test, urine test, or hair follicle test, CBD cream is considered a harmless substance. 
  • CBD cream is usually formulated as a topical product, not transdermal. Transdermal CBD products like patches are also applied topically. However, transdermal CBD salve, rub, or cream can penetrate deeper into the skin and may show up in a drug test. On the contrary, any form of CBD topicals is not able to reach the bloodstream and show up in a drug test. 
  • CBD is legal both at the federal and state levels. Most importantly, cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid. It’s non-intoxicating and not psychoactive as opposed to THC. That’s why you’re legally safe to use CBD creams or CBD rubs to minimize localized pain without worrying about showing it up in a drug test. 

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Tips on How to Avoid Potential Risk of Drug Test Failure


First of all, CBD cream is safe, and it doesn’t get into the bloodstream. Therefore, you’re not supposed to face any risk regarding CBD cream and drug tests. However, if you want to be 100 percent safe, you should take some steps.  
Here are some key tips to avoid potential risk of CBD drug test failure: 


  • Experts always advise you to stop using any form of CBD products close to your urine screening. Though it’s not recommended for CBD topical cream, you should do the same for edible CBD like gummies, capsules, oil, honey sticks, and so on. It’s good practice to abstain for at least 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) before your drug test. 
  • Do not use transdermal CBD cream or patches. Transdermal CBD products labeled as full spectrum contain up to 0.3% THC. Unfortunately, if the product is wrongly labeled, it might contain a higher concentration of THC. Since transdermal CBD can penetrate too deep into the skin and mix with your bloodstream, using this type of CBD product may increase the chance of drug test failure. 
  • When it comes to choosing CBD cream, look for products labeled as “Broad-Spectrum”, or “CBD Isolate”. These CBD products typically contain zero THC concentrations. This way you can eliminate all the potential risk factors of drug test failure. 
  • Always make sure to use quality CBD products. Look for products that provide third-party lab test results, also known as Certificate of Analysis (COA). This will tell you exactly what’s in the product. 
  • Research brands before purchasing CBD cream. Stick to reputable brands with transparent manufacturing processes and positive reviews. Thus, you can ensure product quality and accuracy in labeling. 
  • Learn the difference between CBD and THC. According to a survey, 55% of people believe that CBD will show up on a drug test result. But this is not true. This misconception occurs because most people confuse CBD with THC. Though both these compounds are cannabinoids, present in the same cannabis plants, they are not the same. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


Here are some relevant questions and answers related to “Does CBD cream show in a Drug test”. 

Will Vaping CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

CBD is non-psychoactive. Even if it does show up on a drug test, you shouldn’t get anxious. CBD is legally approved. Plus, it’s not listed as a controlled substance. However, vaping CBD products may contain a trace amount of THC that produces psychoactive effects. Vaping THC-infused CBD may show up in a drug test. 

Can CBD Cream Make Me Fail a Drug Test? 

It's very rare. However, CBD cream can contain trace amounts of THC. This could accumulate over time. However, to potentially trigger a positive test result, it must enter the bloodstream. Generally, CBD creams work on the surface level of the skin and don’t penetrate deeper. So, it would be surprising if CBD cream showed up in drug test results. 

How Can I Minimize the Risk of Failing Drug Test Due to CBD Cream Use?

Generally, you don’t have to do anything extra to minimize the risk of failing drug tests. However, to make sure that you’re 100 percent safe, you can opt. for THC-free or broad-spectrum CBD creams, check lab reports for THC content, and choose trustworthy brands. 

The Bottom Line 


CBD cream is not supposed to show up on a drug test. Because drug tests never look for cannabidiol (CBD). Instead, they look for THC. Though CBD-infused creams do contain a trace amount of THC, this shouldn’t be an issue in the case of topical products. Because topical CBD products like creams, lotions, and rubs don’t reach the bloodstream. Therefore, it’s very unlikely for CBD cream to show up on drug tests like a urine test, blood test, or saliva test. 

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