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CBD Oil for Blood Pressure
Posted On: October 25, 2023

CBD Oil for Blood Pressure: Does It Work or Not?

Scientific research and debate have been going on about CBD and blood pressure in recent years. However, more research needs to be conducted to get accurate results about CBD products and high blood pressure or hypertension. Now, the question that everyone asks on the internet is: Does CBD oil for blood pressure work?  
So, read this article to learn the relationship between CBD oil and blood pressure regulation, its potential benefits, mechanism of action, the current scientific research, and the potential side effects. 

Why CBD Oil Is Popular for Blood Pressure?


A plethora of people have been using CBD oil for blood pressure-related problems. As there are nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure according to a 2023 report from American Heart Association.     
You might be one of them! The causes of this high blood pressure are unknown. Although this high blood pressure doesn’t show any symptoms initially, it leads to cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, coronary artery disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and peripheral vascular disease. That’s why knowing and maintaining a normal blood pressure rate is required.  
Only 39% of Americans know what normal blood pressure is (Via Schaeffer). So, awareness is needed to treat and maintain healthy blood pressure.  
For this increasing number of hypertension patients, CBD oil, an organic compound, extracted from cannabis or hemp plant, has gained popularity for maintaining healthy blood pressure. But does CBD oil for blood pressure really work for hypertension patients?  
In short, yes. CBD oil works for blood pressure-related problems. But there are many more things you should know about “CBD or cannabis oil and blood pressure”.

How Does CBD Oil Work for Hypertension?

The correlation between CBD oil and blood pressure modulation exists in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). So, what is ECS? ESC is a complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters within the human body.  
When you consume CBD oil, CBD interacts with the ECS receptors and influences the range of psychological processes. Thus, CBD works for inflammation, pain perception, and obviously, blood pressure regulation.  
But there is more! A large body of scientific research isn’t still sure about how CBD oil lowers blood pressure. However, CBD products like CBD oil, CBD Rub, CBD Syrup, or Edibles CBD are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and as a matter of fact, stress and anxiety are some of the core causes of increasing blood pressure.  
So, in one way or another, CBD oil might work as a stress reducer and affect changes in blood flow. As you know, hypertension occurs when an extreme amount of blood flow is applied to the internal system of arteries of the human body.  

Types of CBD Oil for Treating Blood Pressure

 CBD oil, a natural remedy for many ailments, has three main types. These are:

1.    Isolate CBD Oil  
2.    Full Spectrum CBD Oil  
3.    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 

As a side note, the majority of CBD oil found in CBD store comes from hemp plants. However, people get confused about these three types of CBD oil. Besides, people can’t figure out the difference between raw CBD oil, CBD concentrate, and PCR CBD oil as well. 
CBD concentrate has a high concentration of cannabidiol (45-99.99%). This will give you a high dosage of CBD. CBD concentrate comes in various forms including: 

•    Crumble 
•    Crystals and isolate 
•    wax 
•    extract (CBD oil) 
•    shatter 
•    distillate

Regarding Raw CBD oil, it is extracted without using solvents or heat and follows the CO2 extraction process. Most of the plants of CBD stay intact and this raw CBD oil contains terpenes and pigments.  
Furthermore, PCR CBD oil refers to Phyto cannabinoids. It also contains a high amount of cannabinoids. Now let’s discuss the main types of CBD oil in the following section.  

CBD Isolate Oil vs. Full Spectrum Oil vs. broad Spectrum Oil

These three types of CBD oil have differences based on the chemical compounds they contain.  
In the case of CBD isolate, it is considered the purest form of CBD and is often found in crystal or powder. The benefits of pure CBD or isolate CBD are that it is cheaper and has no THC.   
Full Spectrum CBD oil contains all types of cannabinoids including other plants and THC. A study has revealed that a full spectrum CBD has better medicinal properties than only CBD. As this oil has all types of cannabinoids and chemical properties, the full-spectrum cannabis oil will work best for you with its entourage effects.   
The broad-spectrum CBD oil is the same as the full spectrum but doesn’t have THC. It positions in the middle when compared with CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD. Just like pure CBD, it won’t show up on drug tests as the THC is removed from the extraction process. 

What Type of CBD Oil is Best for Blood Pressure?


There is no straightforward answer to this query. But if you’re looking for the most suitable CBD oil for lowering blood pressure, then you should use either CBD oil or CBD gummies.  
While choosing CBD oil or CBD tinctures, you should make sure it doesn’t have any metal toxins or pesticides. However, In the case of the best type of CBD oil for blood pressure, you should pick one that has a full synergistic effect.  
Many patients have reported that full-spectrum CBD oil not only reduces blood pressure but also lessens anxiety, relieves pain, and improves sleep quality. Overall, Full Spectrum CBD oil is more suitable for minimizing high levels of blood pressure or hypertension.

Ideal Dosage of CBD Oil for Blood Pressure

The ideal dosage of CBD oil for blood pressure varies from person to person. For instance, in one case, a Schizophrenic patient was given 600 mg of CBD oil for 6 weeks.  
However. the appropriate way to figure out the perfect dosage for lowering your blood pressure is to “start low and go slow”.  

Besides, it is recommended that you should start with 10-15 mg of CBD oil dosage and observe the reactions in your body for the next 2 hours. If it goes well, you can measure the blood pressure or hypertension level based on how you feel.  
For a caution, you should also measure the exact reading of your blood pressure and check if it’s dropped or not.  
Next, just slowly increase the dosage over time and observe your blood pressure level. The general guideline is to take 20 to 200 mg doses of full-spectrum CBD oil to lower high blood pressure.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Reduce Blood Pressure?

CBD oil usually takes longer times to lower blood pressure compared to CBD vaping. However, normally, CBD oil takes 10-30 minutes to absorb in the body if you take it sublingually (under the tongue).  
Furthermore, you will start feeling calm and relaxed when CBD oil begins working in your body. However, there are some other factors that you should consider while taking CBD oil. Because those factors may also affect its effectiveness.  
The following factors need to be considered regarding the duration of effectiveness of CBD oil: 

•    What is the strength (mg/ml) and quality of the CBD oil you are taking? 

•    Method of consumption: Sublingual, ingestion, inhalation, or topical application? 

•    How much do you take and how frequently? Or what is your body weight?

The Potential Side Effects of Using CBD Oil for Blood Pressure

Most of the side effects of CBD products are almost similar. For instance, the side effects of CBD cream might resemble the side effects of CBD oil. However, if you use CBD oil for blood pressure, you might experience some side effects. But those side effects are quite rare unless you have any underlying medical conditions or you’re on any type of prescription medication.  
Here are some common side effects of CBD oil:  

•    Changes in Appetite 
•    Diarrhea 
•    Drowsiness/tiredness 
•    Liver Enzyme Variation 
Severe side effects of CBD oil:  

•    Status Epilepticus 
•    Pneumonia 
•    Anxiety 
•    cognitive impairment (IQ decline and memory loss) 
•    Hallucinations, emotional repression, and suspicion are all symptoms of psychosis.

If you experience any of these symptoms from using CBD oil, consult your doctor.

CBD Oil for Blood Pressure: When to Be Cautious?

If you feel like using CBD for lowering hypertension and you’ve any underlying medical conditions, then your physician might advise you against using CBD oil for reducing blood pressure.  
Here are some health conditions that can be deteriorated by using CBD oil for blood pressure (Via VeryWellHealth):  
•    Liver Diseases: CBD oil may raise liver enzyme levels or a sign of inflammatory liver disease.

•    During Pregnancy: The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against pregnant women using CBD oil or marijuana products due to the possibility of developing fetuses. 

•    Have Eye Problems: Glaucoma patients may experience eye-related side effects, and it may elevate pressure inside the eyes. some people also experience side effects like dry eyes due to CBD oil.  

•    Children: You should not give CBD oil to kids. 

•    Alcohol consumption: Both alcohol and other sedatives can make you feel extremely drowsy.

CBD Oil Medical Interaction

CBD oil should be avoided if you’re on certain prescription medications. Stay away from using CBD oil while you are taking the following medicines:  
•    Antidepressant  
•    Antifungals 
•    Antipsychotics 
•    Benzodiazepine sedatives 
•    Rifampin-based drugs 
•    Opioid painkillers 
•    Echinacea species| 
•    Erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra (sildenafil) 
•    Statins to treat cholesterol like Lipitor. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we’ve enlisted some frequently asked questions about CBD oil and blood pressure. We’ve answered these questions for your information:

Does CBD Oil Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Yes. CBD oil can help lower blood pressure by an average of 5 to 10 mmHg in the systolic and 6 to 9 mmHg in the diastolic chambers. However, it is noteworthy that CBD oil can take several weeks to lower blood pressure entirely. That’s why a patient should not expect immediate results.

Can CBD Oil Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Not really. CBD oil has shown positive effects on blood pressure or hypertension issues. However, you should maintain precautions before using CBD oil so that it doesn’t affect your health negatively. For instance: if you’re on certain medications, or have underlying medical conditions, then you should avoid using CBD oil. Also, pregnant women should not apply CBD oil to lowering blood pressure.

What CBD Oil Is Good for?

CBD oil can take away the pain, and inflammation, and help you to relax. Besides, people use CBD oil for blood pressure reduction. As high blood pressure or hypertension is causing serious health hazards like cardiovascular diseases, people tend to use CBD oil to treat High blood pressure.

What Are the Common Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil is well tolerated for everyone. However, it has some rare side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness, dry mouth, and diarrhea. To minimize these side effects of CBD, you should consult your doctor before using any CBD products. Besides, you want to make sure that you’re buying CBD products from an authorized brand or reputable online CBD store.

Key Takeaways on CBD Oil for Blood Pressure 

CBD oil for blood pressure truly works. As a result, there has been an increasing number of people using CBD oil for many ailments. Much research has already indicated that CBD oil does reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, and heal inflammation. 
However, before using CBD oil for lessening hypertension, a patient should consider some factors as precautions such as medical interaction, age, common and severe side effects, amount of dosage, and underlying medical conditions.