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How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Alcohol
Posted On: December 06, 2023

How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Alcohol?

Cannabidiol — also known as CBD, has gained immense popularity for its many therapeutic benefits. If you’re one of those who is struggling with anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia, it is more likely you might have used or heard about it. 

On the other hand, the majority of Americans drink alcohol whether they belong to Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z. Therefore, this question comes naturally when it comes to taking CBD and alcohol: How long after taking CBD oil can I drink alcohol? 

Today, in this blog post, we’ll discuss the effects of CBD and alcohol, their safety, side effects, and benefits, and answer you how long you should wait after taking CBD oil before you start drinking. 

Effects of CBD Oil and Alcohol on The Body

If you consume CBD and alcohol together, you might have to face negative consequences. However, the potential effects may vary from person to person depending on factors like age, body weight, metabolism, and so on.  

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that can induce sedation and impair cognitive function. Consuming cannabidiol or CBD, on the other hand, can have calming and relaxing properties as it interacts with your body’s ECS system (Endocannabinoid System) that regulate various psychological process, including memory, mood, pain, stress, appetite, and sleep.   

Therefore, taking CBD and alcohol together in high doses can increase sedation and sleepiness. 

It is noteworthy that CBD is not intoxicating and doesn’t cause you “high” effects like alcohol. However, hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD may contain THC (below 0.3%). THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive compound that makes you feel stoned like smoking marijuana or weed. 

So, combining full-spectrum CBD oil and alcohol may result in increased intoxication and make you feel more impaired. CBD alone is not typically associated with impairments that could lead to accidents.  

However, if you take both cannabidiol and alcohol, there is a higher chance that you’ll experience impaired coordination and judgment which can increase the risk of accidents [1]. That’s why it is also suggested to avoid driving and operating heavy machinery while you’re on CBD and alcohol. 

Besides, if you consume excessive alcohol on a regular basis, it may limit the positive effects of CBD by reducing the ECS receptors in the brain. In addition, chronic alcohol use is known to contribute to liver abnormalities, including inflammation, and fatty liver disease [2]. 

Due to the potential side effects of combining Cannabidiol and alcohol, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warns against using it. FDA states that the use of CBD and alcohol or other drugs slows brain activity and increases the risk of sedation and drowsiness [3]. 

Can I Take CBD Oil and Alcohol Together?

Firstly, the scientist doesn’t know yet how CBD and alcohol interact together. In short, both cannabidiol and alcohol are considered safe to use separately. But moderation is the key. 

If you’re using THC-free CBD products such as CBD syrups, or CBD oil, mixing it with alcohol will be less likely to show any adverse reactions. In the case of using full-spectrum CBD that has a low amount of THC, it’s better not to mix them with alcohol. 

Combining them may intensify sedative effects and impair coordination. That is why timing and dosage are important factors that should be kept in mind when it comes to mixing cannabidiol and alcohol. 

In short, a lack of clear research on the interaction between CBD and alcohol, and the potential side effects indicates that you should avoid taking CBD and alcohol together. 

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How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Alcohol?

It is generally recommended to wait at least 4 hours after taking CBD oil before consuming alcohol. This allows sufficient time for the CBD to be metabolized and leave your system. Also, this will reduce the potential for interaction between CBD and alcohol.  
However, individual responses may vary based on the following factors: 
•    Dosage 
•    Personal Tolerance  
•    Timing 
•    Metabolism  
•    Age  
•    Weight

It is important to note that there isn’t a scientific consensus on the exact waiting period. So, caution and self-awareness are key when combining CBD and alcohol to minimize potential risks. 
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Risks of Drinking While Taking CBD Oil

There are some potential risks of drinking while taking CBD oil. According to some research along with FDA warnings, we’ve enlisted the following potential risks of taking CBD oil and drinking [1], [3].   

•    Increased sedation  
•    Impaired coordination  
•    Heightened Intoxication 
•    Increased drowsiness  

In addition, if you consume CBD oil and alcohol together, be cautious regarding the following activities:  

•    Do not operate heavy machinery.  
•    Refrain from driving  
•    Swimming 

Note that CBD oil as well has some mild and temporary side effects. These are: 

•    Diarrhea  
•    Dry mouth  
•    Dizziness  
•    Nausea 
•    Tiredness  
•    Changes in appetite 

Drinking too much alcohol consistently can cause short-term or long-term side effects, including (via Drugfreeworld.org):  

•    Headache 
•    Slurred speech  
•    Upset stomach  
•    Diarrhea  
•    Distorted vision and hearing 
•    Blackouts  
•    Memory problems  
•    Addictions 
•    Unconsciousness  
•    Liver damage  
•    Decreased perception and coordination 
•    High Blood Pressure  

Are There Any Benefits of Taking CBD and Alcohol?

Although caution is generally advised due to the potential risks of taking CBD and alcohol. However, there are some hopeful aspects as well. These are: 
1. A 2020 study published by the National Institute of Health states that “a study conducted across three U.S. dispensaries found that participants reported a 42% reduction in alcohol consumption after they started using medical cannabis” [4]. 

2. Some studies also explore CBD as a potential treatment for reducing alcohol cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and overall harm to the brain and liver in individuals with AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder).  

3. CBD can reduce the reason for alcohol consumption as well. Over 40 million adults in the USA (19.1 percent) have an anxiety disorder [5]. CBD is well known for reducing conditions like anxiety, insomnia, pain, and post-traumatic stress which potentially lowers the reliance on alcohol for self-medication. 

4. Research suggests that CBD can also be used as a treatment for alcohol addiction. One study published in the “Cannabis and cannabinoid research” on rodents indicates that low doses of CBD may reduce alcohol consumption [6]. This shows a kind of promise in treating alcohol addiction. However, more research on humans needs to be conducted to support this statement with conclusive evidence. 

What to Consider Before Trying CBD and Alcohol?

We strongly advise you to be mindful of how much alcohol you’re consuming with CBD. The more you drink, the more intense the effects will be.  
Keep in mind the following key considerations before taking cannabidiol and alcohol together: 
•    Start with low doses of CBD.  
•    Drink moderately  
•    Observe how your body responds. 
•    If any adverse effects occur, consult a healthcare professional.

It is also important to purchase CBD products from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer or CBD online store. As cannabidiol products are not regulated by the FDA, there are plenty of products available on the CBD market with false claims and labeling. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some queries asked by the searchers related to “How long after taking CBD oil can I drink alcohol”. We’ve answered these questions to provide a better understanding of the subject.  

Can You Drink Alcohol After Taking CBD Gummies?

Ans: Yes. You can take alcohol after taking CBD gummies. However, it’s better to wait at least 4 hours before drinking alcohol after taking any form of CBD products. It is also important to note that taking CBD gummies and alcohol may induce excessive sleepiness. 

Does CBD Interact with Alcohol?

Ans: CBD and alcohol if taken together can significantly produce impairments of motor and psychomotor performance. However, there is not enough research that indicates that CBD and alcohol negatively interact with each other. It can be assumed that you can safely take cannabidiol and alcohol together. 

Does CBD Help with Alcoholism?

Ans: Limited evidence suggests that cannabidiol use may have potential benefits in minimizing alcohol cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and harm to the brain and liver to individuals with AUD (Alcohol Use Disorders). If you want personalized guidance on “CBD with alcoholism”, consult a healthcare professional. 

Does CBD Protect the Liver from Alcohol? 

Ans: Some animal studies found that CBD can help alcohol-related liver damage. CBD does this by reducing inflammation and slowing the development of fatty liver (Via Medical News Today). 

The Bottom Line 

Exercise caution when you’re thinking of taking CBD and alcohol together. It’s better if you wait at least four hours between CBD consumption and drinking. Always be mindful of the amount of alcohol consumption and CBD dosage. CBD may help with many health problems, and one of them is lowering the desire to drink alcohol. However, there isn't much evidence to support this, so people who use CBD and alcohol should be careful and talk to a doctor if they need to. 



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